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The aim of subtitles is to communicate film dialogue to the audience accurately, and in an appropriate style and rhythm of speech. The viewer must be able to read subtitles calmly and understand them immediately. Unlike any other form of translation, the viewer can quickly ascertain whether or not subtitles fulfill these requirements. This makes subtitling a uniquely complex and demanding task. Our experience has shown that optimal results can be achieved only when the translators themselves also handle the timing (spotting) of the subtitles. Our large team of translators and proofreaders guarantees optimal results for your film.

Your films or broadcast tapes are transferred onto VHS or DVD for use as working material in the creation and correction of subtitles. Alongside frame-precise accuracy, the linguistic quality of the subtitles is of utmost priority. Our qualified translators translate from any language into any other language, while the target language is always the translator's native language. For each project, we select a translator who is knowledgeable in any special subject which the film might cover. This ensures an optimal result. The resulting subtitles are subsequently proofread by another native speaker for technical and linguistic corrections, before you are given a VHS or DVD and a print-out of the subtitles for approval. Any changes you may want can then be discussed directly with the project's translator. Only after these steps have been completed are the broadcast tapes for your film created, subtitles lasered into your film prints or final files for DVD production delivered.